East Coker Pavilion Modernisation

As some of you may know by now, we are planning to modernise the East Coker pavilion at Long Furlong Lane. It’s been 20 years since we last fundraised and built the pavilion, but now it is time to modernise it and bring the changing rooms and showers in line with new standards. The playschool is staying but the rest of the current building will be demolished and rebuilt.

This will provide a more improved, modern, spacious building which is better equipped for the groups that currently use the facilities, but also to entice new ones.

We will be embarking on a fundraising campaign in the coming months and hope that you will be able to contribute to making our village pavilion the best it can be for the use of everyone, whilst having a great time at the events.

We are hoping that we can entice a new cricket team to our grounds, and also provide fun sports opportunities for all. You will be able to hire the new entertainment area for your parties and functions and make use of the outside space we have to offer.